Oil on canvas 1980-1984

“A horizontal line or several lines, seen from the train, from the car, on a Vespa, from the windows, through half-closed eyes.
Searching for vertical elements that rest on or bury themselves in the horizon.
The trees, with great luck a piece of roof.
At the foot of a tree a palette has the look ofa a boulder, perhaps witness of the stop over of a painter of the past.

Spaces with grass of different colours, meadows on which are scattered the objects of painting. The rest periods of groups of painters.
Farther off, an armchair with a tree. Inside the hotel, armchair with window and sunset. The canvases rise, bury themselves in the ground, every painter chooses his model, the landscape becomes populated with figures, the objects scattered on the meadows are gathered up, the brushes swell with coloured paste, the landscapes multiply, each gesture a sign, the sight is thrilling.

The camps of painters are usually to be found on small hills, the poles are fixed in the ground with spades for the purpose, for a good 40-50 centimetres. Stability must be perfect, on the canvas is mounted it must be well stretched. The location of the camps is decided by the group of painters, on maps traced after a series of surveys made in the lapse of the four seasons, during which the sketches (painting – polaroid) will be used as a study.
With great luck in certain parts of the country sometimes it is possible to see miles of camps with painters at work” With great luck, and imagination, of course.