Graphic design
The days of the silent film festival
Pordenone 1982
I have to create a graphic solution for “Cinemazero” in Pordenone that is valid from year to year, at each presentation by different authors, to whom the Days are dedicated.
The solution comes from a cinematic image: I leaf through Robert Benayoun's book "The Gaze of Buster Keaton" and I come across the image of Donald O'Connor (yes, he is the one from "Singing in the Rain") lying on a side.
It is an image of "the Buster Keaton Story" he played. This is the solution: Donald's upturned shoes become the support of the writing with the name of the author proposed by the Giornate.
I extrapolate Donald's silhouette from Benayoun's book with the help of the camera lens. From positive to negative: now I have the whole surface of the body in white, ready to receive various images, gradually suggested by the programming of "Cinemazero" the strong cinematic sense of the Keatonian silhouette has allowed its continuous use throughout the programming, even for distant and different situations such as the Thomas Ince cycle.