“Teleconfronto” - International Exhibition of telefilms.
Graphic images 1983 - 1986.

“Teleconfronto: the T and the C are the letters that attract me. In the first formulation the T immediately divides the two Cs: the encounter of two hemispheres. Really everything is born out of a luminous point which gradually grows large through cinematic progression until it becomes a small globe and divides into two concentric semicircles: at that point appears the T. This progression then becomes the opening title of all the telefilms presented at the festival. The sketches from the story-board are transformed into the poster of the program. The images of the symbol move from the video to become fixed in poster and handbills. The symbol is present everywhere in different sizes: for road signs, silk-screen printed sheets are used with the symbol imprinted and mounted on iron frames Seen from a distance they look like large portraits. It’s precisely the portrait that provides the idea for dis composition: I move the elements between them giving a new meaning to the symbolic T. The buildings that houses the exhibition, circles and semi-circles are the ideas, the stories, the images, the countries, the world. The circles multiply, they are suitable to being cut, they overlay pencil drawings, finally they multiply to take position in boxes, setting, and on horizon lines. Finally yellow and blue colour a landscape where the circles and the semi-circles will settle”. Today, 1986, I have gone back to the portrait where the symbol of Teleconfronto takes the place of a gaze.