Illustrazioni periodiche per il quotidiano “Il Manifesto”
Bologna, February, 1985.

“I’m the only client in the old shop of artist’s materials in Piazza Galvani: outside the snow is dazzling and deep, maybe even a metre. I ask for a quarter bottle of black Pelikan. Coming out of the store I could have begun a sort of discourse/gestural exercise that the snow was insistently prompting me and which I was already pre-figuring to myself. Perhaps a reclaiming of the cinematic black and white that we see now only in old films at the film library or offered by the reclaiming video. Indian ink and brush; and paper, lots, of all kinds; the hand spreads out, it’s always a human figure running against horizons, or carries, lifts details of horizons, sometimes so wide as to contain landscapes houses trees. The gesture becomes more and more relaxed (once the bearer has been established), to the advantage of the increasingly autonomous contour signs. The gestures of many and random, to wait for their determination to continue the story. I'm looking for a support where I can verify the gestures, understand how much they can coexist with texts, titles, perhaps a newspaper, also given the speed of execution. A newspaper that has a graphic design willing to house signs of all kinds. The choice falls on "Il Manifesto". I take an appointment with Pasquale Gioffre, responsible for layout; I show him a series of signs, offering to work with him”. Since then, lodged among the print, the gestures occasionally appear on the pages of the newspaper.